Aquinox Biography

John Akerman Özgüç

John Akerman Özgüç is a passionate Dutch musician, composer and DJ. Thanks to his talent and profound passion, he shared his love for music as DJ all over the world. He worked with David Berkeley, Ben Parker and did the sound for a documentary, More than a Pipeline.

By his alias Aquinox, he writes a broad spectrum of music; electronic and energetic for clubs or cinematic soundscapes for movies and games. His recently released album ‘Heliosphere’ has been played worldwide by DJ’s and yoga teachers alike.

The equinox happens when day and night are equal and symbolizes the sound of Aquinox, characterized by smooth contrasts in dark and light and strong melodies, using a musical palette from trance, techno, deep-house and ambient. He has been compared to Worakls, Jean Michel Jarre, Brian Eno and Monkey Safari. Aside from solo-performances, he works with poets, saxophonists, singers and acrobatic / fire dancers. He just finished his first album, full of ambient soundscapes, broadening his musical paradigm beyond electronic music. The album has been composed in 432Hz Pythagorean tuning for the greatest musical experience.

He has worked together with Travel Atelier, Turkey Weddings, Utrecht University, 1Camera, Bridgeman Foundation and Emily Carr University.

He frequently works together with:

Carmen Venema, Aerialist and Acrobat for incredible festival shows with great music

Imre van Kraalingen, Raja Yoga Teacher – Music enhanced raja yoga

Wordbites Aka Hugo de Haas van Dorscher : Music enhanced poetry

He organized and performed for a house concert together with David Berkeley, Ben Parker, Remco Jacobs and Daan Westerink.

Aquinox Music enhanced Yoga with ambient oriental soundscape, with raja yoga teacher Imre van Kraalingen