DJ Sets

Aquinox played on many events. The latest event was the ‘Blue & Gold Blitz Colorrun in Victoria, Canada.
Many of the events have been recorded for you. These are some DJ sets that Aquinox played in the past.

31/3: Blue & Gold Blitz Color Run Victoria CA
11/3: Full moon Party Victoria CA
4/3: Felicitas – Victoria CA
11-13/2: Victoria Yoga Conference – Victoria, CA
3/12: Nataraj, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht.
26/11 – Cosmic Love by Love Foundation, Diynamic – VLLA Amsterdam
12/11- Nyenrode Prom
5/11- Q Music Soundcheckers
17/8 augustus Utrechtse Introductietijd – Neude
29/07: EJ Festival Zeewolde
14-21/07- Kali Mela, Spain
17/06: Sons of Town Hall (David Berkeley & Ben Parker) x Remco Jacobs x Aquinox @ Utrecht Canal Concert
19/05: Aquinox x Wordbites @ Bajesdorp Fest, Amsterdam
30/04: Aquinox x Wordbites @ Performance Bar Rotterdam
23/04: KO Utrecht @ Tivoli de Helling Utrecht